Hydrogen Fuel Cells Worksheet

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Hydrogen fuel cells worksheet

How a fuel cell works . In a fuel cell there is a thin sheet called a membrane which is about 2.5 mm thick. The material is made from a special plastic called Nafion. The membrane is made into the filling of a 'sandwich', as two platinum-coated carbon sheets are placed either side (see picture). A hydrogen fuel cell showing the membrane

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Control Electronics Gearbox & Motor Transmitter Fuel tank Steering system CLASSROOM WORKSHEET (979) 703-1925 [email protected]

Fuel Cell Animation Worksheet Answers - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell Animation Worksheet Answers - Hydrogen Fuel Cells. 1. Click “See Hydrogen Close-up”. 2. Click “See Oxygen Close-up”. 3. Click “See Catalyst”. 4. Click “See Membrane Exchange”. 5. Click “See Electricity Close-up”.

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Fuel Cell Activity - NASA

Students will discover how a hydrogen fuel cell can power a small car. Activity Overview: By observing this demonstration, students will learn how water is converted into its elemental components using solar electricity and a fuel cell. They will also learn how the same fuel cell creates electricity by converting hydrogen and oxygen into water.

Worksheet for Will Fuel Cells Replace Gasoline Powered Cars

List the 2 main sources of hydrogen. 1. 2. What is a fuel cell’s only emission. Part 2: The fuel cell – Inside the fuel cell. Define anode: A catalyst is a substance which accelerates a chemical reaction. The platinum catalyst accelerates the reaction between what 2 substances? What is the PEM and how does it work in the fuel cell? Define cathode: What is the purpose of the cathode? CONTINUE ON REVERSE(Part 3 Fuel cell chemistry. What happens on the anode side? How does hydrogen …

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Hydrogen fuel cells: the future of transport? | Resource ...

Practical experiments, demonstrations and worksheets to help 11–16 year olds explore the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel for transport. In this set of activities, students learn about chemical ideas relating to energy and the use of hydrogen fuel cells. Designed for 11–16 year olds, the resources explore a key alternative to fossil fuels in the familiar context of transport, and include practical experiments, demonstrations and worksheets …

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Fact Sheet

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which use electric motors, are much more energy efficient and use 40-60 percent of the fuel’s energy — corresponding to more than a 50% reduction in fuel consumption, compared to a conventional vehicle with a gasoline internal combustion engine.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Question & Answer Document

Fuel cells offer a variety of benefits compared to traditional power generators. They are generally more fuel-efficient, operate with very little noise and produce no harmful emissions at point of use (fuel cells which use hydrogen as fuel produce only water). They have no moving parts and are thus easy to maintain.

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Fuel Cells (GCSE Chemistry New Spec) | Teaching Resources

docx, 303.7 KB. docx, 23.8 KB. The Hydrogen Hub have used their knowledge to develop this fantastic lesson pack on fuel cells. Designed for teaching GCSE Chemistry specification parts AQA, Edexcel 5.25C, 5.26C, 5.27C, OCR C6.2o, C6.2p, C6.2q. This pack contains all of the resources for a lesson on this topic.

Hydrogen Worksheets - Learny Kids

Hydrogen Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Hydrogen . Some of the worksheets for this concept are The hydrogen atom supplemental work, Hydrogen and fuel cell activities, Bch2, Appendix atsdr minimal risk levels and work, Misp enzyme action work 1 l1 name date temperature, H2a central hydrogen production model version 3 user, Hydrogen supply cost estimat for hydrogen …

Hydrogen fuel cells worksheet

Hydrogen fuel cells In a fuel cell, the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen is controlled carefully. This section explains how a fuel cell works. How a fuel cell works . In a fuel cell there is a thin sheet called a membrane which is about 2.5 mm thick. The material is made from a special plastic called Nafion.

Lesson 1 Worksheet + Answers - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Lesson 1 Worksheet 1) a. Given: Pressure is 15 atm, Number of moles is 15, Temperature is 27°C. Find Volume 246.3 mL b. Given: The Temperature is raised to 57°C, with the same number of moles and pressure. Find the volume. 287.35 mL