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Top Trending Twitter Hashtags Worldwide

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Twitter World Records

Twitter world records prove that 140 characters is not a limitation, but rather an opportunity for achievement.Twitter-based celebrity worship and compulsive tweeting all feature prominently.If you like your communication concise and never miss a chance to abbrev. See more result

10 years of Twitter: Five key tweets that made record-breaking histor

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Jack Dorsey launching Twitter - the micro-blogging site which has helped define social media and change the way people communicate around the world.At the time of its launch, the service was called ‘Twttr’, with a tweet described as a ‘short burst of inconsequential information.Over the course of the past decade it has gone on to amass over 300 million active users. See more result

List of most-followed Twitter accounts - Wikipedia

This list contains the top 50 accounts with the most followers on the social media platform Twitter.The following table lists the top 50 most-followed accounts on Twitter, with each total rounded to the nearest hundred thousand, as well as the profession or activity of each userThe list includes, without ranking them, accounts that were suspended or deleted while they had enough followers to be part of the top 50, See more result

Twitter's 2019 trends: What was most popular on Twitter this year?

President Donald Trump, Neymar, BTS and the face with tears of joy emoji 😂 have one thing inTwitter has just released a roundup of what was most popular in the Twittersphere this year.and while it did not crack that goal, with just under a million retweets, it did poach the title for the most retweeted tweet of 2019. See more result

List of most-retweeted tweets - Wikipedia

This list of most-retweeted tweets contains the top 30 tweets with the most retweets (an account's tweet that is sent again by additional accounts without any change) not provide an official list but news and mainstream media make lists.most-retweeted tweets in the top 30: South Korean band BTS has nineteen, while Maezawa and YouTubers El Rubius and Hikakin each have two. See more result

Worldwide Twitter Trends | Twitter Trending Topics & Hashtags Today

These trending hastags and topics were updated 30 minutes ago.We use the official twitter api which provides us the results in json we beautify it and extract the top 50 ranks, hashtags and the tweet volumes.If you wanted to convert cm in feet for example, 175 cm in feet - visit cminfeet. See more result

The 20 Most Followed Accounts on Twitter | Brandwatch

With 67 million people using Twitter every month, it's a tough job to get the most Twitter followers out of everyone.Competition is stiff, but these people have made it to the top of the table.We decided to put together a list of the most followed accounts on Twitter. See more result

Most used hashtag on Twitter in 24 hours | Guinness World Records

The most used hashtag in 24 hours on Twitter is #TwitterBestFandom, which achieved 60,055,339 uses from 16 to 17 March 2019.one of the largest and longest-running international awards honoring the best in Korean television and music.All records listed on our website are current and up-to-date. See more result

Twitter Trends Worldwide | Latest hastag & trending topic

If you want to know what's trending on twitter in Worldwide.Also check below for export to excel(xls).In Worldwide hashtag Tulsa is trending top today. See more result

HBDMaheshBabu becomes biggest worldwide Twitter trend on the

It should be noted that Mahesh Babu requested his fans not to celebrate his birthday in a grand manner and asked them to stay at home.As Tollywood star Mahesh Babu celebrated his birthday yesterday, his fans and his friends from the industry took to Twitter and wished the actor.The Parasuram directorial will be rolled out only after the pandemic situation is well contained. See more result

The 20 Most-Retweeted Tweets of All Time - Brandwatch

Amongst the billions of tweets, what manages to grab our attention the most people?tweeters love to share – the list even highlights some huge historical moments.Clearly a big moment for the country, the tweet is from a political consultant named Denny Januar Ali. See more result