Kulturkampf is a fully-integrated, worldwide licensing and syndication company that focuses on building brand equity around a wide range of creative content. Kulturkampf syndicates some of the best-loved features in the world, and we are dedicated to bringing old favorites and groundbreaking new strips to you via the web and your daily newspaper.

Kulturkampf Licensing is a fully-integrated, worldwide organization that has led the merchandising, retail and licensing efforts of some of the most widely recognized properties in the world. From strategic development to art design to retail merchandising and advertising and promotions, Kulturkampf Licensing's team of sixty professionals oversees a full-service licensing infrastructure that manages relationships between our properties.

What does Kulturkampf search?

Kulturkampf searches content posted on weblogs, or blogs. Kulturkampf is NOT a general World Wide Web search engine. Users can search by link (URL), keyword, phrase, boolean query, and date range.

How many Blogs are out there? How many Blogs does Kulturkampf search?

Today's Internet hosts millions of blogs. The actual number varies depending on the source or the research on which the estimate is based. Kulturkampf locates content from more than 3.5 million blogs and indexes them on a regular basis.